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The Industrial Engineer Toolkit (IETK) is a preparation course for engineers to get the Certified Industrial Engineer Certificate. IETK is committed to support the needs of global industry by bolstering the skills and careers of engineers through: training, case studies, simulations, tests and qualifications. IETK is a unique qualification that is exclusively designed with special criteria.

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IETK Vision:

IETK aspires to be the next go-to toolkit for all uprising engineers to enable them to make their dreams a reality and gain a competitive advantage in their careers.

IETK Mission:

IETK aims to capacitate the hard-working engineers with what they need to kick-start their careers providing them with invaluable knowledge about several important aspects in the industrial engineering field.


Benefits of Getting the IETK Accreditation

Become part of IETK Network
Get in touch with people like you who are driving the field of industrial engineering forward. The IETK network includes all work hierarchies from those who are just starting out to those at the top of their careers.

Get into valuable events and seminars
Take your skills to the next level by attending meet-ups and special guest talks where you can learn how to approach new challenges from people who have faced similar obstacles in the past.

Get more job opportunities
Build your network and gain insider connections at companies in your area who can help you find new opportunities.