The Industrial Engineer Toolkit (IETK) is a preparation course for engineers to get the Certified Industrial Engineer Certificate. IETK is committed to support the needs of global industry by bolstering the skills and careers of engineers through: training, case studies, simulations, tests and qualifications. IETK is a unique qualification that is exclusively designed with special criteria.

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This program is a preparation for the international exam of Certified Industrial Engineer (CIE) Certificate credential.


Table of Contents

Part I: Project Management

1- Project Management

Interdisciplinary professionals and engineers working under project framework.
Master the body of knowledge of project management.
Part II: Quality Management

2- TQM (Total Quality Management)

Fits different hierarchy levels from management to field workers
Gain the necessary knowledge to prevent non-conformity in products, services and process.
3- Six Sigma

For practitioners dedicated to reduce process errors
Identify the well-recognized tools for minimizing defects.
4- Lean (Lean of Manufacturing)

For practitioners dedicated to reduce waste within an organization
Identify the well-recognized tools for eliminating wastes.
Part III: Suuply Chain, Maintenance, and Safety Management

5- Supply Chain Management

For personnel involved in planning and purchasing
Recognize the methods that manage the chain of events that start with raw material to a final product.
6- Maintenance Management

For personnel with the objective of equipment care
Apply techniques that better utilize equipment.
7- Safety Management

For practitioners that work in hazardous environments
Obtain the essential awareness to deviate from expected dangers.
Part IV: Strategic Management

8- Value Analysis

For professionals working in the transformation realm
Assess actually what is worth doing and what is not regarding an output.
9- Strategic Planning

For management and organizational planning personnel
Recognize the direction of the organization in the long term perspective.
10- Risk Management

For management and organizational planning personnel
Spot the threats surrounding your work area and prepare well for them.
11-Production Planning & Control

For personnel directly involved in a conversion process
Define and implement correct methods in managing a conversion process.

You Will Obtain:

90 days access to e-Learning program
80 hours training/10 days
CIE Handbook or eBook
Mind Maps
Questions Bank
Online Practice Test
International Professional Certificate Examination (3 attempts)