Change Profile and Adaptability Tool

It is a complete Change Profile and Adaptability Tool that supports both employees and their managers to measure, adapt, and correct actions regarding change readiness and change skills.

(Change Profile and Adaptability Tool) is a well-measured and proven assessment process that helps employees adapt to changes in organizations.



Change Profile and Adaptability Tool

CPAT™ helps each candidate discover his/her change profile, and provides him/her with practical advice to adapt to change.
CPAT™ helps each manager discover the different change profiles of his/her subordinates, and provides him/her with insights on how to manage their behaviors.
CPAT™ reflects on many aspects related to organization objectives to ensure relevance to these organizations’ cultures and roles.

IBDL/CPAT™ Multilevel Reports

  1. CPAT™ Candidate Report
  2. CPAT™ Manager Report
  3. CPAT™ Team Management Report

IBDL/CPAT™ Multilevel Services

  1. IBDL/CPAT™ Assessment Coaching.
  2. IBDL/CPAT™ Change Management Capacity Building for Top and Middle managers:
    a. Hierarchical Corporate CPAT™ Assessment: shows the CPAT™ of each
    team and collectively the whole corporate.
    b. Provide a practical guide of leading the team towards change
    c. Highlight different change strategies
  3. IBDL/CPAT™ Change & Win Training for front line managers and employees:
    a. CPAT™ is available for everyone
    b. A practical guide of how to achieve success with any personality
    a. How to adapt to change