Essential Exam


IBDL Essential Exam is an international exam in Business Administration Skills accredited by Missouri State University.  Take the exam in any of the IBDL Exam centers mentioned on the website…

Benefits of doing an IBDL Professional certification

  1. Adds value to your resume. These are professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career.
  2. It provides Industry recognition.
  3. It helps you learn essential skills.
  4. It Contributes to higher income.
  5. It provides networking opportunities.
  6. It validates your dedication to the job.


Quick Overview:

Understanding Business – Your Way to Business!

IBDL Essential certification is the perfect kick-start for your business career. It is an internationally recognized certification in Business Administration Standards – BAS that provides learners with an integrated cross-functional approach to business. IBDL Essentials covers the essential knowledge of the main building blocks of business without drowning in useless details. This introduction to business contains state-of-the-art content and descriptions of current business practices yet explains the nature of the market with an emphasis on its applications for people and organizations.

IBDL Certificates Program aims to qualify students and fresh graduates who wish to pursue a career in management and business. It is also helpful for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and government employees who would like to acquire international business skills and strategies. Individuals receiving new positions in the field can benefit from the program as it will help them in carrying out international business transactions competently. Students may also have a choice to study and pursue their careers simultaneously.

Why Becoming an IBDL: 5 Tangible Benefits for Your Business Career :

1. IBDL is an internationally recognized qualification in business administration standards –BAS

2. IBDL is a rewarding professional qualification that can create opportunities for a lifelong career

3. Management Development Institute at Missouri State University, USA

4. IBDL provides an integrated and practical approach to business administration standards accredits IBDL

5.IBDL holders get paid more, as the qualification upgrades your skills and potential