Master Exam


IBDL Master Exam is an international exam in Leadership and Strategies accredited by Missouri State University.  Take the exam in any of IBDL Exam centers mentioned on the website…

Benefits of doing an IBDL Professional certification

  1. Adds value to your resume. These are professional certifications that you can pursue throughout your career. …
  2. It provides Industry recognition. …
  3. It helps you learn important skills. …
  4. Contributes to higher income. …
  5. It provides networking opportunities. …
  6. Validates your dedication to the job.


Quick Overview:

Leadership and Strategies – Your Way to Strategies! 

IBDL Master brings together the critical leadership skills of strategic planning and inspirational leadership, which are required to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment. It links the strategy of today’s firm with the desired outcomes of revenue, profits, and growth through value creation and market focus.


IBDL Certificates in Business are qualified for many entry-level business positions.  While the career opportunities available to IBDL are vast, common business careers IBDL students pursue following graduation include:


2-Commercial Business

3-Factories and heavy industry

4-Communications and information technology companies

5- The small and medium-sized companies

6- Advertising

7- Business Analyst

8- Business Development

9- Commercial & Retail Banking

10- Consulting

11- Management

12- Human Resources

13- Investment Management

14- Management

15- Project Lead/Manager – Information Systems

16- Retail (Stores & Corporate)

17- Underwriting/Claims Adjusting