Sparta -Leadership Coaching


Sparta coaching is a customized assessment and training designed with the best of references and books. The Sparta facilitators must acquire their certification from IBDL to apply the simulation and training using our unique manual according to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.

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Sparta: (Leadership Coaching)

The power of Coaching

“Your power is in everybody trying to figure out how to accomplish your plan. Your job is enabling everybody to contribute.” Allan Mulally, Boeing’s CEO

What’s Our Coaching Style?

Knowing your style in coaching is the first step in the development of the relationships between you and those whom you coach, whether they are employees or not. When you understand your leading methods and the difference between them and the ways of the ones you are coaching, it will undoubtedly create good relationships. Your relationship with whom you are coaching will be affected by the use of the wrong method. When you know the differences between your leading methods and their methods, you will be able to get the best results out of them.

By putting Coaching and Style together, we can easily define coaching as the unique way of a person in working with another to help him improve his performance and reach his potential.

The coaching skills assessment aims to assess the ability of the Manager, Supervisor, or the Team Leader of knowing when and how to use the essential skills for productive meeting leading. The purpose of the coaching meetings is not to threaten the employee if his performance hasn’t improved in a particular amount of time, but the two most important goals of coaching are:

  • Giving an indirect boost to an employee’s attitude
  • Day by day and long-term improvement by creating a relationship with employees that include mutual trust

This deal includes the following:

  1. Four playing boards and pieces
  2. Soft copy of the training manuals
  3. Three hundred sixty pre-play assessment accounts with necessary reports are valid for a year.

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